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In-Year Applications - Academic Year 2018/2019

In line with our admission procedure all parents seeking a place for their child at our Main School, whether they are Catholic or not, are required to complete both our Main In-Year Application Form (S.I.F.) and the County In-Year application form. These forms are available below or from our school office. Please submit our In-Year application, together with relevant paperwork, to the school and complete the In-Year County Form on line.

Main School In-Year Cover Letter
Main School In-Year Application Form (S.I.F)
Main School Admission Policy

Nursery In-Year Cover Letter
Nursery In-Year Application Form (S.I.F)
Nursery Admission Policy 2017/18

County In-Year Application Form
Certificate of Catholic Practice Form (to be completed by your priest)

Map of Parish boundaries

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