Head Teacher: Mr J White
Bedwell Crescent
Stevenage, Herts, SG1 1NJ
01438 729555



As a team of lay volunteers, our powers as managers in helping to decide how the school should be run is corporate in that no individual has power on their own (bar the Chair in extreme and rare situations). The day to day responsibility of the school lies with the Head, who as a teaching professional can best oversee the work of the teachers and pupils in class and who should be contacted in the first instance in any query.

Supporters of the School
Critical friends providing encouragement and frank but sympathetic feed back.
Strategic Partners
Providing support and direction in the development of the school.
Ensuring public interest and individual rights are not overlooked.

Speaking up when the school is unjustly criticised or not properly provided for.
Settling disputes and helping to set aims and values.

All Governors and the clerk can be contacted through the school, alternatively you can email us at governor@stvincent.herts.sch.uk

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