Bedwell Crescent, Stevenage, Herts, SG11NJ

Children and young people across the country have experienced unprecedented disruption to their education as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). Those from the most vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds will be among those hardest hit.  

The impact and the scale of our response must match the scale of the challenge. However, we are determined that rather than being ‘lost’, learning has been different during this period and we aim to provide a response that makes a bridge between the learning that occurred in lockdown and the learning that will occur upon return. This is not a deficit model. The funding will be used to enhance provision and continue to close gaps for all pupils.

Schools’ allocations are calculated on a per pupil basis, providing each mainstream school with a total of £80 for each pupil in years reception through to Y11.

As you can see from the Covid Premium Plan included here, the school has planned to spend beyond the funds provided by the Government for this purpose in order that the impact is significant and is sustained across the whole year.

This will be a live document and will be updated as and when new issues arise.