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Every minute counts!
Every moment in school counts. Learning for children begins upon entry to the classroom as we like to maximise every minute! As such, being 10 minutes late each day (arriving at 9am) over the course of one week amounts to 50 minutes of missed learning; over one term, this adds up to 10 hours (2 days) of missed learning; and over the year, 30 hours which equates to 6 full days of missed learning! Thank you for encouraging punctuality – it has a significant impact on learning; children also worry about what they are missing when they are late. If on occasion you are late into school, it is essential that children are accompanied by an adult to the main office so that they can be registered.

Absence in school time
Please ring the school office, call in or write us a note to let us know that your child will be absent from school as early as possible and definitely before 9.30 am on the day in question. It is not sufficient to inform the class teacher at the classroom door. Messages can be left on the school answer-phone at any time, even before 8.30 when the office opens.

It can be tricky deciding whether or not to keep your child off school. To help you make your decision please follow the NHS guidance.
NHS - Is my child too ill for school

Authorised Absence in school time

To apply for Authorised Absence for your child during school time, permission is required from the Headteacher. The relevant form is available from the school office or can be downloaded and printed from here:

Exceptional Absence Application